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Establishment and collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen political system under the Turkish control
A press campaign and political actions
"Turkey should respect the political will of the Iraqi Turkmen"

Before the establishment of the Iraqi Turkmen Front

Founding & collapse of the Turkmen political system under Turkey’s hegemony
Before Establishment of the Turkmen Front
  • Turkey did nothing for the Iraq Turkmen before 1990, when they were subjected to the worst kind of human rights violations
  • Turkey did not allow the Turkmen of Iraq to establish a political party, when a large elite of Turkmen intellectuals and academics lived there
  • After the occupation of Kuwait in August 1990, by international support, all segments of the large Iraqi opposition abroad began organizing giant meetings, as the first was in Beirut on 11 Mart 1991
  • In order to exploit the Iraqi Turkmen politics, Turkey agreed to establish a Turkmen political party in Turkey
  • The Iraqi Turkmen National Party was founded before the first conference of the Iraqi opposition in Beirut a few months, and supported by Turkey to participation in the conference
  • The Iraqi opposition activities abroad hugely increased in the early 1990s
  • The Iraqi problem was occupying the international agenda for several years.
  • The Iraqi opposition included giant Arabic and Kurdish political groups and the Kurdish parties, which had important role in the leadership of the opposition, were trying to reject and marginalize the Turkmen in the opposition administration
  • The responsibilities and the struggle of the Iraqi Turkmen National party for higher posts in the opposition administration had increased. A chance to find funding was increased
  • Being bored of Turkish control, the Turkmen politicians started to escape the Turkish authorities to avoid their interference in the decision making process of the party
  • Then, began the intention of the Turkish authorities to fight the leaders of the Turkmen national party, and to find the mean to control the Turkmen political system
  • The Turkish administration found the Iraqi Turkmen front
  • For known reasons, the Turkmen National Party had difficulties in self-financing
  • In fact, Turkey has committed itself as the only financer of the party
  • Control of funding was the best method to control Turkman politicians and party activities
  • Turkey has applied the same policy to the Turkmen front for 23 years controlling it fully
  • By this policy Turkey has prevented Turkman from taking Azerbaijani funding and others
  • The Iraqi opposition met intensively, from occupation of Kuwait to fall of the Baath regime
  • The meetings were in many countries, Lebanon Saudi Arabia Iran Austria England and US
  • The opposition instituted offices in several countries
  • Seven itemThe opposition groups met with the governments of Western and Arab countries to obtain financial and political support
  • The Turkmen National Party might participate in all that activities, which required a professional hard political effort
  • Participation in meetings required consent of the Turkish government (ministry-intelligence)
  • After approval, financial support was given and after return a report was requested
  • This was required in all activities, particularly those requiring funding
  • The party did not always get consent of Turkish government to participate in the meetings
  • For example, Turkey prevented the party from participating in meetings during which the income of the oil-for-food program was distributed, and 13% was given to Kurds
  • Turkey has thus deprived the Turkmen of a monthly quota of millions of dollars
  • As time passed, foreign and Turkish intelligence began dictating their policy to the party's administration
  • When Turkish officials realized that they could not pass their orders to the politicians of the Turkmen National Party, they removed party leaders away from the party
  • Turkey then reconstructed the Turkmen political map to establish the Turkmen Front
  • Turkey then directly supervised the administration of Turkmen politics
  • However, the Turkish government has relied in important issues on his loyalists, as in the Iraqi opposition meetings
  • Examples, Turkey imposed M. Ziyai on New York meetings 10/1999 and sent him secretly to attend meetings in London


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