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Establishment and collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen political system under the Turkish control
A press campaign and political actions
"Turkey should respect the political will of the Iraqi Turkmen"

Establishment of the Iraqi Turkmen front

Founding & collapse of the Turkmen political system under Turkey’s hegemony
Establishment of the Iraqi Turkmen Front
  • The subordination of Turkmen politicians and the Turkmen political organizations under one organization started to be talked by the Turkish officials of the Turkmen issues and by some of Turkmen politicians, more than a year before the establishment of the Iraqi Turkmen front (ITF)
  • In mid-1994, the Turkish foreign ministry and the intelligence arrangements began to establish the Turkmen Front
  • The worldwide known Turkmen academic Ihsan Dogramaci was convinced by a high-rank Turkish politician to supervise the establishment and the functioning of the ITF, According to some Turkmen politicians, Dogramaci was persuaded by Turkish Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel
  • Dogramaci found with some Turkmen academics a factitious organization called ‘Turkmen Shura’ to establish the Iraqi Turkmen Front
  • The Turkmen Shura was not officially registered, had no statute, no regular meetings and had never met as full team
  • The Iraqi Turkmen Front was established by the Turkish ministry for foreign affairs and the Turkish National intelligence organization
  • The establishment of the ITF was similar to the creation of a government office:
    • The interviews for the appointment of its staff were conducted by foreign ministry and intelligence officials
    • Monthly salaries were allocated to the staff
  • The requirements of the Turkmen issues in that period were neither helped nor necessitated the establishment of such an organization, the positions of the five organizations that had been subordinated to the Turkmen front were as follows:
    • There were only two Turkmen parties and there were no conflicts between them
    • The largest party, Turkmen national Party opposed the project and refused to join it
    • The Turkmen Brotherhood Club - Erbil branch, which was not a political organization was also refusing to join the Front
    • The Iraqi Turks cultural and solidarity association is a civil society organization that has been subjected to the Turkish stipulations since its establishment in 1959
  • When the establishment of the Iraqi Turkmen Front was announced on April 24, 1995:
    • The movement of Turkmen independents was established toward the end of the 1994, as part of the project of establishment of the Iraqi Turkmen Front
    • The leaders of the Turkmen National Party were neutralized and the party entered to the Front against their will
    • The Turkmen Brotherhood Club did not join the Front, but the club was named among the founders
  • The Turkmen who relied upon by the Turkish intelligence to realize the project of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, were those:
    • Who work with the intelligence (Collaborators),
    • Who were in conflict with the leaders of the Turkmen National party
    • Who could not obtain a position in the leadership of the party
    • Who were dissatisfied with the party’s policies and the performance of its leaders


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