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Establishment and collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen political system under the Turkish control
A press campaign and political actions
"Turkey should respect the political will of the Iraqi Turkmen"

Collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and Rebuilding of it

Founding & collapse of the Turkmen political system under Turkey’s hegemony
Collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and rebuilding of it
  • What were happening inside the Turkmen Front did not concern those who found the Front
  • Their main concern was the external relations and policy of the Turkmen Front, to prevent any policy which is inconsistent with the Turkish interests, and to hamper any breach of the Redlines of the Turkish policy, of which most were against the Turkmen interests
  • Some of the executive committee members of the Turkmen National party, mostly from Erbil, have joined the executive committee of the Turkmen Front agonists the will of the their leaders
  • The party was deprived of financial and political support of Turkey, those who joined the Front got salaries
  • The Turkmen national party dismissed its members who joined the Front, almost a year later those members left the Turkmen Front themselves
  • Turkish restriction on the party leaders had critically reduced the party's participation in the Iraqi opposition activities worldwide
  • As in the case of meetings for distribution of the income from oil-for-food program, in USA
  • Head of the counter-guerrilla section of the Turkish intelligence had told Ahmad Chelebi, an organizer of the conference, to remove the Turkmen from the list of attendees of the conference
  • Thus, Turkey deprived the Turkmen of Iraq from monthly income of millions of dollars, and the Kurdish parties received a share of 120 million dollars monthly
  • Turkish intelligence carried out a campaign to rebuild the front and control the Turkmen politicians and politics in 1996
  • Mustafa Kemal Yaychili, a member of executive committee of the party and a Turkmen loyal to Turkey, appeared in Erbil in 1996
  • To rebuild the Turkmen Front and to reconstitute the National Party and the Brotherhood Club, who refused to join the Turkmen Front
  • The Turkmen of Iraq are a vibrant, conscious and dynamic community that can be learned from their literature, art, culture and education, therefore they cannot be easily kneeled
  • Yaychili failed to contain the party’s member from Arbil city, who joined the Front against the will of the party’s leadership, to change the leader of the party and the members of executive committee and stay in the same style of work, the Arbilians insisted on changing of the work style
  • Yaychili started to organize the second congress of the National Turkmen Party, to displace the leader and the members of the executive committee and inaugurate himself as president
  • Yaychili had also started to create a crack in administration of the Turkmen Brotherhood club and to split in the executive committee of the club's


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