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Establishment and collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen political system under the Turkish control
A press campaign and political actions
"Turkey should respect the political will of the Iraqi Turkmen"

Turkish intelligence expels founders from the Turkmen parties, to rebuild the Turkmen Front

Founding & collapse of the Turkmen political system under Turkey’s hegemony
Turkish intelligence expels founders from the Turkmen parties, to rebuild the Turkmen Front
  • Almost a year after its establishment, the Turkmen Front project, which was instituted by the Turkish intelligence in the style of moving the checkers, failed
  • At the beginning of 1996, the Turkish intelligence carried out another operation, to consolidate its control over the Turkmen political system
  • At this stage the Turkish military was trying to withdraw the Turkmen dossier from the Turkish intelligence, and each party was using Turkmen politicians as tools to carry out their project. As a result, the armed clash between Turkmen leaders in December of 1995 took place
  • The reconstruction of the Turkmen Front was a planned intelligence operation aimed at taking the Turkmen political system completely under the control of the Turkish administration
  • Turkish intelligence began the process, and then the army intervened, the operation completed by withdrawal of the Turkmen dossier by the army from the intelligence. During the operation defamation through media, intimidation and the agent were used, the operation aimed:
    • Rebuilding the Turkmen National Party and expelling its founding leaders
    • Rebuilding the Turkmen Independent Movement and expelling its founding leaders
    • Creating a crack in the administrative board of the Turkmen Brotherhood Club, expelling those who do not support the Turkmen Front project
    • Regarding to the Turkman Eli party, its leader, Riyaz Sari Kahya, has acted always in the context of the policies of the Turkish authorities


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