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Establishment and collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen political system under the Turkish control
A press campaign and political actions
"Turkey should respect the political will of the Iraqi Turkmen"

The process of rebuilding the Turkmen National Party and the use of media defamation

Founding & collapse of the Turkmen political system under Turkey’s hegemony
Collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and rebuilding of it
  • This process began in the early months of 1996, when the Turkmen Front had almost dissolved, after most of its components had separated
  • At that period, Turkish intelligence had lost hope in convincing the leadership of the Turkmen National party to join the Turkmen Front
  • At a meeting of Turkish intelligence at the end of 1995, the president of the Turkmen National Party, Muzaffer Arslan, was expelled from the meeting after he criticised the project of the Turkmen Front
  • Turkey fought and marginalized the leaders of the Turkmen National Party, who refused to join the Front, for almost two years
  • These leaders, who were the founders of the party, did not abandon their responsibilities in the party and adhered to their positions
  • In April 1996, page 56 of journal of Nokta, an article published insulting the leaders of the National Party who rejected the idea of the Front
  • The same journal used by the Turkish military to defame professor Ihsan Dogramaci, supervisor of the establishment of the Turkmen Front
  • The article contained photos of the leaders, except of the leader of Turkmen Eli party, Riyaz Sarikahya, who supported the project of the Front
  • The defamation of the Turkmen leaders by Turkish intelligence lacked the most basic moral values and was a clear insult to the Iraqi Turkmen
  • All these Turkmen leaders were still known for their integrity in the Turkmen community in Iraq and Turkey
  • The article mixes the information and the incidents to bring humiliating accusations, to provoke the Turkmen and Turkish people against the targeted Turkmen leaders. The article:
  • Seven item
    • Praises Riyaz Sarikahya considering him the person who brought Arslan to the political arena and made him gain the popularity
    • Harms Hasan Ozmen, from leadership of the party, describing him as a “Blind Hasan”, claiming that he was working as Office Boy by the Turkmen leader Kocava and was beaten frequently by Kocava
    • Moreover, the article accuses Ozmen of collaborating with Syrian intelligence and relates his rose in the party to his meeting with Arslan
    • Attacks Dr. Aydin Beyatli, and claims that he was a Baathist and Saddamist and with support of Ozmen rose in the party
    • Harms another member of the leadership of the party, Yasar Imamoglu, claiming that he had sold his properties in Kerkuk city to the Kurds, and he was working in the weapon trades
    • Accuses Arslan of marginalizing the Turkmen politicians out the Party, and making many Turkmen politician to leave the political arena*
    • Garbles the facts and emphasizes that Arslan joined the front by pressure from the grassroots, But it is very well known that the Turkmen National Party joined the Turkmen Front by the pressure of Turkish intelligence. Arslan has never adopted the project of the Turkmen Front
    • Accuses all the leaders of the party, who oppose the project of the Turkmen Front, of misappropriation of funds without providing convincing evidences and by counter-factual claims: accuses Arslan of spending 180,000 $ from the budget of the Front arbitrarily, but Arslan had no any role in administration of the Turkmen Front


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