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Establishment and collapse of the Iraqi Turkmen political system under the Turkish control
A press campaign and political actions
"Turkey should respect the political will of the Iraqi Turkmen"

Process of rebuilding of the Turkmen National Party and the use of intimidation

Founding & collapse of the Turkmen political system under Turkey’s hegemony
Establishment of the Iraqi Turkmen Front
  • The selfishness of the Turkish political mentality is evident in several sentences used frequently by the Turkish society, for example:
    • The Turk has no friend other than the Turk
    • “Let the whole world be a victim for my country” A song that is constantly being broadcast on Turkish radio and television
  • The most simplest look at the Turkish policy toward the Turkmen of Iraq, confirms that:
    • The Turkish politician has sacrificed the Iraqi Turkmen, believing that he has done so for his homeland
    • The Turkish politician has justified any means he used to control Turkmen political system by his love to his homeland
  • Absence of the administrative and legal deterrent in Turkish administration of the Turkmen politics, and the abundance of individual decisions in the Turkish administration, made it easier for the Turkish official to make any cruel decision he wants for the Turkmen of Iraq, as evidence:
    • The Turkmen were removed from the list of participants in the meeting of the United Nations to distribute the incomes of oil-for-food program by the head of the Anti-Terrorism Division (M. E), in Turkish intelligence organization
    • The Statement of the Turkmen politician that “The simplest Turkish staff was giving the most harmful decisions relating to the fate of the Turkmen of Iraq”
  • Turkey applied this destructive policy to the Turkmen of Iraq despite that:
    • The they have a kinship connection with Turks
    • A decade of exposure to the human rights violation the Iraqi Turkmen was exhausted and in tragic situation
    • The Turkmen of Iraq were depending on Turkey and seeing Turkey the only savior
  • These are clear evidence that the deterrents of conscience and soul and the concept of justice are absent in the Turkish political mentality
  • Turkey applies the same policy with all minorities of Turkish origin in the neighboring countries (Syria, Greece and the Balkans)
  • During the establishment of the Turkmen Front, and after a year towards the early 1996, the Turkmen National Party was almost completely exhausted, as a result of:
    • Sowing the seeds of dissent in the leadership of the party after creation of a group supporting their project of the Turkmen Front
    • The activities of the party are limited directly by the Turkish government and indirectly as a result of cutting off funding from the party's central leadership
  • Yaychili's mission in Erbil city was to rebuild the Turkmen National Party in a form subjected entirely to the control of the Turkish authorities, and to remove those who were unwanted by Turkey, no matter what it costs. Yaychili:
    • Could not persuade the recently-dismissed Erbilites to work together to realize the dissuasive plans he had brought.
    • Could succeed in convincing Vadad Arslan, the deputy chairman of the Turkmen fraternity club, to cooperate on the plan
    • Organized the second general congress of the party, between 18 -20, August 1996
  • To facilitate the mission of Yaychili in rebuilding the Turkmen National Party:
    • Erbil was installed to organize the congress, and the unwanted party leaders were threatened not to attend the conference, or else they would be arrested at the border when they enter in Iraq
    • The Turkish intelligence had arrested in earlier periods of several of those leaders
    • The head of the Turkmen National Party was kidnapped by the Turkish intelligence in Ankara
    • One of the party leaders was arrested on border when he entered Turkey because of the presence of a pistol in his car. It was said that a Turkmen in Erbil city who cooperated with Turkish intelligence have placed the weapon in his car without his knowledge
    • The Turkish intelligence dismissed any Turkmen from the front if they did not applied the orders, and if he continue oppose the intelligence's policy, they threatened him even by kidnapping their children
  • Yaychili organized the second congress of the party in Erbil city, electing himself as the leader of the party and Vedat Arslan as his deputy, and changed almost all of the leadership of the party
  • On September 24, 1996, the president of the Turkmen Brotherhood Club with a group of the club's administrative board resigned and left the club and Arslan became the president of the club
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