News on Kerkuk Issues
>   Samarra and Kirkuk: Strategic city
   In the city of Samarra, Iraq, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completed 40 of the 45 planned...
>   Turkomans Say Kirkuk's Growing Kurdish Population A Threat
   Turkomans and Kurds make up the two largest ethnic communities in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. Both groups...
>   Now It's a Census That Could Rip Iraq Apart, With Kirkuk Center of Squabble
   When Iraqis were drafting their Constitution in 2005, the parties could not agree on who would control Kirkuk, the prized oil capital...
>   Kirkuk: The Province That Couldn’t Vote
   KIRKUK, Iraq — There is a reason that Kirkuk did not vote today. Kurds insist that it is Kurdish, the Turkmens say it is Turkmen and...
>    Statement by Arab and Turkmen groups in Kirkuk province Council
>    Ethnic Tensions Mount in Kirkuk
>    The divided and broken city of Kirkuk faces up to the curse of oil
>    'US tacitly telling Iraq Kurds to forget Kirkuk'
>    Disputed Iraqi City Fears Oil Will Only Fuel Woes
>    Iraq`s Kurds, Arabs Face Choice: Settle or Fight
>    Kurds weigh in on Kirkuk
>    Allotting of Iraqi Oil Rights May Stoke Hostility
>    Kirkuk Ringtones Reflect Rivalries
>    Feud delays Iraq committee Kirkuk recommendations
>    Ethnic Divide in Iraqi City a Test for Nation
>    UN hopes for "grand deal" to resolve Iraq's Kirkuk
>    Provincial election delay in Iraq heightens ethnic tensions in Kirkuk
>    Ethnic clashes feared in Kirkuk
>    U.N. Readies ‘Grand Deal’ to Resolve Iraq’s Dispute Over Kirkuk
>    IRAQ: Threat of ethnic tension, violence in Kirkuk
>    Kurdish Control of Kirkuk Creates a Powder Keg