News from Turkmen organizations
>    Bomb explosion in Taza District of Kerkuk
>    A call to the free people of the world
>   A call to the free people of the world
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>    Many dead in Turkmen sub district of Taze Khurmatu by a suicide truck bomb
>    Signature campaign tension in Kirkuk
>    Signature compaign and Kirkuk's fate
>    Abduction Turkmen News Reader by Kurdish forces in Erbil
>    A Report into Kurdish Abuse in Turkmeneli
>    CNN's lack of objectivity and misinformation in "The Struggle for Kerkuk" programme
>    The attack on the Ak Su Café in Tuz Khormatu
>    Terrorist attack in Turkmen town Emirli
>    The Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Organizations
>    Turkmen Protesting Against CNN’s Misinformation
>    Iraqi Turkmens in Belgium and in the Netherlands will hold a demonstration in front of the Brussels parliament in Brussels, Belgium on 2nd July 2007
>    Belgian Senator Ms. Olga Zrihen Receives a Turkmen Delegation
>    Thousands of Turkmen participated in a protest meeting
>    Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Organizations Assembly in Europe congratulates the recently elected Turkmen Council
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>    Comments sent to CNN on January 30, 2005 by CDITR
>    Letter Sent to 'Le Monde' Newspaper by CDITR - in French