Articles on Kerkuk Issues
>   Kirkuk dispute threatens to plunge Iraq into Kurdish-Arab war - October 28, 2009
   Iraq's relative calm is threatened by a festering Kurdish-Arab conflict over the oil-rich city of Kirkuk and other disputed territories, that could...
>   The Kirkuk tinderbox
   There is much media focus on the inauguration of US President George W Bush for his second term...
   Kirkuk, under which lie more than 10 billion barrels of proven reserves of oil could be the next flash point in Iraq. Located in Mosul province about 250...
>   The Battle for Kirkuk: How to Prevent a New Front in Iraq
   On January 14, in a rare show of unity, Sunni and Shiite Arab, Turkmen, and Christian Iraqis gathered at a conference in...
>   How the Turkmens are being dispossessed of their Properties and Lands in the north of Iraq
   The lands of my husband's family (mother's side) in LEYLEN (number 32 in the table below) are occupied by Kurds since 2003
>    Kirkuk's Article 140: Expired or Not? and Iraqi Federalism
>    Kirkuk: Between Kurdish Separatism and Iraqi Federalism
>    Mission Accomplie: Nous Avons le Petrole!
>    Kirkuk’s importance not lost on U.S.
>    Kirkuk's Article 140: Expired or Not? and Iraqi Federalism
>    Hold-up A baba Gurgur
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>    Iraq and the Kurds: the brewing battle over Kirkuk
>    Kirkuk, July 1959
>    The Communist Challenge – Kerkuk incident, 14 July 1959
>    The Kirkuk Incident
>    Encouraging Ethnic Chauvinism: Kirkuk, Oil and the Kurds
>    Kerkuk Massacre of 14 July, 1959
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>    U.N. Report Lays Out Options for an Oil-Rich Iraqi Region
>    Kirkuk: A Test for the International Community
>    US embarrassed by Kurdish grab for oil-rich Kirkuk
>    Rice’s visit to Kirkuk… messages and the items that should be dealt with
>    Kirkuk's importance not lost on U.S.
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