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Publications of Turkmen Authors

>      Turkmens of Iraq: The Third Ethnic Component of Iraq

>      Another Brutal attack on Turkmen Town Tuz Khurmatu northern Iraq

>    Series of bomb attacks, including three suicide bombings, struck the Turkmen city of Tuz-Khurmatu Northern Iraq - 18 November 2013
   The attacks occurred before noon when one of the suicide bombers rammed his explosive-laden car into ...
>    A calm and scientific reply in a hot subject to some ignorant and disgraceful persons - 28 August 2012
   However hard those try to suppress the rights of our noble Turkmen people, the books, relics and honest ...
>    A Report about Turkmens’ Situation and Demands - 5 August 2012
   So according to the approval of the head of the council and endorsement of the Deputy Council, the ...
>    Alsalihi appeals to the President of the Republic to stop uprooting of Turkmens from their lands - 28 June 2012
   Like these days of the year 1980, the memory of execution of group of martyrs who...
>    Turkmen Front demands Almaliki and Alnujaifi to issue an order to stop the incorporation and closure of the offices of the Ownership Lawsuits Board in Kirkuk - 28 June 2012
   Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front, Deputy Arshad Alsalihi, demanded the Prime minister, Noori...
>    Al-salihi requests an international investigation and reveals his fears from American withdrawal - 11 November 2011
   Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front requested formation of an international investigation committee to reveal ...
>    The Iraqi Turkmen Council (Iraqi Turkmen Eli Parliament) - 4 October 2011
   Signs of an idea of political project to unite the Turkmen House ,looms in the horizon, to dissolve...
>    Reconciliation between Turkmen and Kurds in Iraq… Efforts are Going Nowhere - 14 August 2010
   We have to admit that there are neither deep disputes nor any kind of conflicts between Turkmen ...
>   We have not forgotten the Kerkuk Massacre - July 12, 2011
   It was 52 years ago today that bloody handed criminals had committed a massacre against Iraqi Turks ...
>   The reality of the Iraqi- Iranian war and Kurdish occupation of Erbil - April 12, 2011
   The outbreak of war between Iran and Iraq in 1980 was one of the Turkmen’s most painful tragedies...
>   Altunköprü the ancient name of Türkmen Township - March 26, 2011
   The history of the city of Altunköprü dates back to 228Bc. The indigenous inhabitants of...
>    The Human Rights Situation of the Turkmen Community in Iraq - December 10, 2010
   The Turkmen community represents the third largest ethnic group in Iraq. Their population size is more...
>    "Population Growth" Argument in Kirkuk - October 02, 2010
   Prior to the oncoming census scheduled for October 24 in Iraq, KDP and PUK accelerated...
>   Press Release on the Upcoming Iraq census - July 09, 2010
   When the requirements to realize a fair census are absent, organization of census will provide unrealistic data which disturb the governmental projects and encumber the developments....
>   Kerkuk and the Kurdish aspiration
   One of these ethno-linguistic groups is the Türkmen [ ], who have made a major effort to define...
>    Kurdish authorities overshadowing the elections in Iraq - March 26, 2010
   Throughout the election, Kurds in Iraq have maintained their irregularities which they initiated...
>   Iraqi elections leave Kurdish authorities unmasked - March 25, 2010
   Following the parliamentary elections held on March 7th 2010 in Iraq, the irregularities of the Kurds began to emerge...
>   NOROUZ (New Day Feast, Yeni Gün Bayrami) - March 15, 2010
   The name Norouz origins from a Persia which is a combined name of Nev (new) and Ruz (day), meaning...
>   The Kurds lost a golden opportunity
   Kurds and Turkmens living together in Northern Iraq for more than a millennium, share many features and values...
>   The reality of the Kurdish violence in Kirkuk
   Upon both Historical and geographical scales, the city of Kerkuk has always, internationally and nationally, been documented as a Turkmen land...
>    The Struggle of the Turkmens of Iraq
>   What the haunting massacre brought
   50 years before, in the middle of the burning heat of July, the Iraqi Turks faced on the 14th of the month a vicious massacre that...
>   Bomb explosion in Taza District of Kerkuk
   A truck bomb exploded near a mosque in Taza Khormato (Iraqi Turkmen town) 10 miles south of the city Kerkuk, following noon prayers...
>   What the haunting massacre brought
   50 years before, in the middle of the burning heat of July, the Iraqi Turks faced on the 14th of the month a vicious massacre that was named and known as “the Dark July” thereafter whose marks have never
>    The Kurds have set their eyes on Turkmen graves
>    Cursed be he that moves my bones
>    Letter to President Barrack Obama
>    The importance of being politically aware among Iraqi Turkmen youth today
>    Kurdmen plate parties and their plans to prevent Turkmen unity
>    Turkmen, Kurds and the capital city of Turkmeneli
>    Violations of the Turkmens’ Human Rights in Iraq by the U.S. occupation forces and the Kurdish militias (Peshmerga and Asayish)
>    Hussein Ali Moussa Demerci ‘Temble Abbas’
>    Freedom for the Forgotten Turkomans (Turkmen) of Iraq
>    Letter to British MP Mr. Edward Leigh re: Iraq's minorities
>    Iraqi Turkmen Front Europe Representative's comments and recommendations to Representatives from the EU Parliament and the EU Commission
>    The reality of the Kurdish violence in Kirkuk
>    Turkmen Population in Iraq and Social and Demographic Composition of Kirkuk
>    To the attention of the people of Kerkuk
>    We want Democracy
>    The Kurdish terror in north of Iraq
>    The attack on Amerli on 7th July, 2007
>    Dr. Hassan Aydinli's interventions at Conference: “Kerkuk Problem and Article 140: Defining Alternatives”
>    Iraqi Turkmen Message to the European Union
>    Minute of the negotiations between the Turkmen and the Kurdish representatives in the Council of Kerkuk City
>    Striking on the joints
>    Workshop: Kerkuk Issue - unification of Turkmen message and project
>    Kerkuk Convention
>    The Demographic Situation of Kirkuk And Iraqi Constitution
>    The return of United Nations to Iraq, and Kerkuk
>    Kurdes et Arabes prets a s'entendre sur Kerkuk au detriment des Turkmenes
>    The Ordeal of the Turkmens in Iraq continues as they are caught between hammer and anvil
>    A l’attention de Madame L’ALLINEC Productrice
>    Iraqi Turkmens Appeal to the European Politicians & Decision Makers
>    - A fairy tale for adults (VI)
>    Lasituation A Kirkouk est explosive
>    Comments regarding Mr. Massoud Barzani’s declarations at the European Parliament in Brussels on 8th May 2007 by the Iraqi Turkmens’ Representative in Europe.
>    Turkmens, Turkmeneli and the Musul Region
>    The Identity of Kerkuk
>    Letter of the Iraqi Turkmen Front U.S. Representative to USA House Majority Speaker
>    Saddam… The Turkmen… and the Justice of the World Peace Envoy
>    Urgent Appeal from the Iraqi Turkmen to the European Authorities and Decision Makers
>    Who Owns Kerkuk?
>    The Turkmen Issue of Kerkuk
>    Minutes of meeting between the Turkmen members in the province council, General Gayhard, commander of the American Troops in Kerkuk
>    Meeting of the Turkmen members in the Governorate Council with the representatives of the American administration and the American forces in Kerkuk
>    Meeting between the members of the Turkmen front in the province council, Mrs Ann Bodain, American consulate representative in Kirkuk and a representative of the Arab front
>    Kerkuk is not Kurdish city
>    The Ethnic Reality of the Kerkuk Area
>    Presentation of the chairman of ITRAC in the 11th Session, Working Group on Minorities, United Nations - Geneva
>    Question of Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights
>    The Undermining of Turkmen Identity and Culture in Iraq
>    Continued Marginalization of the Turkmen after the Fall of the Ba’ath Regime
>    Human Tragedy yet to be Addressed in Bashir for its Original Turkmen Inhabitants
>    Marginalization of the Turkmen in Iraq
>    Report of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Election Committee
>    Letter of a Group of 12 Iraqi Community Leaders
>    Fraudes Electorales en Irak (suite) - in French
>    Turkmen in Iraq and International Migration of Turkmen
>    Breve Presentation des Turkmenes Irakiens - in French
>    Notes of the Election Observers
>    Unfair Election Processes
>    G. Munier's article "Kerkuk Tinderbox"
>    Hassan Aydenly's Interview
>    The Report of the Iraqi Turkmen Front about the Attempts to Change the Results of the Election in the Favor of the Kurds
>    The Report of the Turkmen NationalL Movement about the Attempts to Change the Results of the Election in the Favor of the Kurds
>    Hassan Aydenly's Interview and G. Munier's article "Kerkuk Powder Keg" in the latest issue of AFI Flash - in Franch
Why the Turkmen should have an armed Militia? >    Why the Turkmen should have an armed Militia?
>    Kerkuk and Kurdish election fraud
>    The United Nations and the Higher Election Commission are Responsible for the Honest Election
>    The International Crisis Group Warns on the Results of the Iraqi Constitution
>    Why "no" to the constitution in Iraq
>    Declaration of the Turkmen committee for the Unity of Iraq
>    We share the fate… similarly we should also share the administration…
>    Let’s be sample of union and harmony ...
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